Lisa Scott Lee is best known for being a member of the UK pop group Steps. The group were formed in 1997, and had 14 Top 10 hits before splitting up on Boxing Day 2001.

After this, Lisa spent a short time managing her three younger brothers, including Andy, in a group of their own called 3SL. The boys had 2 Top 20 hits. In 2003 however, Lisa decided she wanted to step back in to the limelight, and released her debut single, the co-written “Lately”. This went into the charts at No 6, and was the first of several solo releases that charted for Lisa over the years.

Lisa has continued to tour over the years, but has become a much bigger name on television, where she has become somewhat of a regular on reality TV shows. The first being ‘Totally Scott Lee’. A fly on the wall docu-soap about how Lisa was to try to resurrect her music career. She then went on to appear in ITV2’s ‘Celeb Air’ alongside husband Jonny Shentall and the popular ITV1 ice skating show, ‘Dancing On Ice’.


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